Other Activities


ECUSA is a non-profit organization for science and technology professionals that have a relationship with Spain. With a cross-disciplinary approach, It was conceived by volunteers in 2014 with the goal of promoting and spreading the roles of science, technology, and its professionals.

Since 2020, I have actively participated as a volunteer in many activities related to Science Communication and Outreach within different projects in the association in the Communications Committee. I have served as co-chair and I am currently the chair of this committee. Amongst my responsibilities, I coordinate our committee, update the website, and supervise our social networks and newsletter. Additionally, I have helped developed or led different Science Communication activities:

ECUSA News & Views

Started by one of my fellow volunteers and me, the program ECUSA News & Views publishes articles describing the findings from the Scientific work of our members in Spanish. We aim to use no jargon and make it understandable for everyone. We edit, format, and publish the final pieces.


I am part of the program E-Visibility in ECUSA which aims to promote and visualize our members through different audiovisual formats. We redact the projects, apply for funding and perform the tasks necessary for successful completion.

ECUSA corporate video, designed and developed by E-Visibility.
(subtitles in English)

An important project within E-Visibility is the production, recording and distribution of podcasts. I have been very involved in this particular activity since my early days in ECUSA. I have interviewed and produced several podcasts, and in 2022, I have led the project “CoCiencia Madrileña” in which scientists living in Madrid and USA chat about life and Science.

Listen to some examples


Motivated by my commitment to Science communication and outreach, I have participated in several interviews and press-related activities since early in my career.

Interview in the Spanish RNE Radio program “Punto de Enlace”
January 2022 | Link

Zoom A Scientist | E-Visibility video about my research and life in the USA
August 2020
(subtitles in English)

Article in the newspaper Diario de Navarra
July 2018 | Link (Subscription only)

Other Merits & Activities

During grad school (2011-2015) I was a Teaching Assistant in laboratory practical lessons in which I taught medical school students how to perform biochemical and clinical analyses within the course Clinical Biochemistry. 300 hours.

I took a Basic Biostatistics course in 2013 (30 hours) and an Advanced Biostatistics course centered on regression models and survival analysis in 2015 (20 hours) that provided me with the knowledge to perform and analyze my experimetnal designs.

In 2017 I attended the Advanced Sequencing Technologies at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories for 2 weeks. This course is designed to initiate biologists into coding and bioinformatics analysis. These lessons allowed me to analyze my own sequencing results.

Since 2021, I have been co-hosting with my colleagues Giorgia Foggetti and Deborah Caswell an online International EGFR-driven Lung Cancer Meeting in which trainees can share their work. More than 10 labs and 100 people from all over the world participate.

I have always enjoyed photography, and thus, I attended a 2-weeks course in 2013 from the Photographic and Cinematographic Aggrupation of Navarre. I practice my skills on every occasion I can as you can see from my pictures in Flickr.